Kilmarnock Head is a Atlantic Canada Real Estate community located in St. Andrews with waterfront properties spread over coastal peninsulas that stretch into the Bay of Fundy.

Visit Kilmarnock Head

Visit Kilmarnock Head

These stunning Atlantic Canada real estate waterfront properties are just minutes from beautiful St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, one of Canada’s most vibrant small towns and a 20 minute drive to the US border. With one to four-acre waterfront properties that are thoughtfully planned to hug the Atlantic Coast offering undisturbed oceanfront real estate from unprecedented heights in this part of Atlantic Canada and the world!
Highlights and amenities for these prime pieces of real estate include a private waterfront property with a beach, beautifully lit ponds and waterfalls, secluded picnic areas and a shared organic garden. At the heart of the development is the mountain’s peak, which features a protected forest area and walking trail leading residents 300 feet to one of the most magnificent viewpoints in Atlantic Canada.

The dramatic panoramic oceanfront views, rich marine and coastline wildlife, the sheer beauty of this region and the relaxed honesty of the people who live here make Kilmarnock Head the most attractive real estate investment in Atlantic Canada.

GETTING HERE IS SIMPLEleaving is the challenge

Kilmarnock Head just outside the charming town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea, is just off the beaten path enough to be a true escape. Just under two hours from three major airports that offer daily flights from Halifax, Montreal and Toronto and under 30 minutes from the U.S. border.

If you’re driving and using a GPS, input the following address to find us:
41 Eagle's Passage, Chamcook New Brunswick, E5B 3C6

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